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I felt like it. Everyone else had one. XD So now i am in one also. But mine is different than every other community out there. I am in it. That makes it special. I know this because my mother says I am special. And yes i have had some alcohol. It seemed like a good idea. This is The Master, signing off for Because I Can Community talk program. Have a good time all you crazies out there.

If you want to join I will think about it. But you will only be admitted if you are as special as me. And there are few people out there who are. Anyone who joins will get random silliness from me at odd points. The reason for the community is so I can write craziness without scaring people. It will be fun! So if you want a place to just write whatever. I guess try and find the button to join. I have no idea how you do it though so don't ask me.